Finding Reliable Supply of Crimp Industrial Nipples and Other Couplings

Crimp Industrial Nipples

Industrial nipples are a specific type of fitting that is used based on what the hose assembly will be attached to. Choosing the right type of industrial nipple is important for ensuring the highest levels of both safety and performance.
There are many types of industrial nipples that are designed to be used with industrial hose for medium or low pressure applications. Combination nipples are one of the most popular types of low pressure couplings available. For applications that require higher levels of pressure, crimped industrial nipples are an excellent choice.
There is an incredible range of different fittings available for an almost unlimited number of uses. There are dozens of types of crimp industrial nipples alone that can be used for either multiple or very specific purposes. In addition to the multitude of sizes that are available (typically anywhere from ½” to 12”), crimp industrial nipples are also available in a variety of materials. Stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other plated materials are the most common.

Finding Supply of Crimp Industrial Nipples

Many industries rely on crimp industrial nipples along with other types of specific fittings and couplings. The oil and natural gas industries are especially dependent on high quality hoses and fittings to keep machinery and operations running smoothly. Finding a reliable supply of industrial hoses and couplings is an essential part of minimizing downtime and keeping production going.  A reliable supply means having access to even the most unique types of industrial hoses and couplings with minimal lead time.
Due to the wide variety of couplings that are manufactured and available, large corporate manufacturers are often not the best choice for supply. Traditional corporate manufacturers typically maintain smaller inventories which equates to reduced stock for specific types of couplings such as crimp industrial nipples, ferrules and other sleeves. Finding a supplier with a large inventory of products is the most effective way to ensure that the specific type of product is in stock regardless of whether the product is a chemical hose, oilfield suction hose, combination nipple or crimp industrial nipple. Lead times are virtually eliminated when products are available from inventory.

Alternative Sources of Supply

In addition to long lead times, large corporate suppliers also tend to charge higher prices.  Alternative Industrial hose and coupling suppliers are providing an alternative source of supply for customers all over the US. The top suppliers are favored due to the following improvements over traditional corporate suppliers:
  • Access to a huge inventory of products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reduced lead times (same-day shipping in most cases)
  • A level of customer service that is typically not available in the industry
Find out why more customers across the US are trusting alternative suppliers for reliable supply of different types of industrial hoses and couplings such as crimp industrial nipples today.
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